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Top 5​ Reasons Why You Should Learn Japanese

Japanese is the ninth most commonly spoken language on Earth, with over 130 million people speaking this language. Learning Japanese is not only about the language itself though. The rich culture of Japan has had a tremendous impact on the entire world.

When you choose to learn a language online, this decision will benefit you in many aspects. Your cognitive abilities are likely to get better, making you smarter, and keeping your mind sharp.

Why is it worth sparing your time to learn the Japanese language?

  1. Once you've learned Japanese, it will be easier to learn other similar languages.

  2. Japan influenced the world in a plethora of fields and is often an inspiration for modern artists.

  3. Japan is the cradle of business and work culture, being home to many successful companies and entrepreneurs.

LingoRx gives you the opportunity to learn Japanese online. The online curriculum is to match your needs and schedule. Our mission is to inspire and educate beyond language. With our professional tutors, you can get to know Japanese without leaving your home.

What are the five reasons to start learning Japanese online?

1​. Japanese Business

Global car manufacturers like Honda, Mitsubishi, and Toyota have their roots in Japan. Japanese cars are known for their durability and precise attention to detail. Another name worth mentioning is Sony. They revolutionized smart home technology with their PlayStation gaming console and high-end TVs. Sony also owns a film studio responsible for Spiderman, and a recording company Sony Music, standing behind such stars as Foo Fighters and One Direction.

If you want to expand your business to Japan, speaking their language is a big plus. Get to know the market inside out and impress your potential business partners with something more than just a Konnichiwa.

Stereotypically, the Japanese are known for being ordered and industrious. There's more than a grain of truth in it. As the BBC reported, Japan's workaholic culture has led some people to death. The "overwork death" has its name in Japanese - karoshi. No reason for you to worry though! You can stick to your 9-to-5 job, attend school, or run your business as usual and still learn Japanese online.

2​. Japanese Culture and Impact on the World

One of the biggest mistakes people make is confusing Chinese with Japanese - not only the language, but also culture, tradition, and cuisine. For those fascinated with Japan, this country has a lot to offer.

The first thing that should come to your mind is the Japanese martial arts. Karate, judo, and aikido are by far the most popular martial arts not only in Japan but also in the US and Europe.

Japanese art includes paintings, architecture, and calligraphy (among others). The aesthetics of Japan have pleased the eyes of people all around the globe for centuries, and artworks like The Breaking Wave off Kanagawa have never stopped to amaze us.

Western pop culture also couldn't but break under the influence of Japan. Anime series and manga comic books are still popular among many youngsters today. Hollywood blockbusters like the Karate Kid series were too inspired by Japan.

3​. Borrowings from Japanese in English You Use Everyday

Every day you use borrowings from Japanese without even being aware of that. The names of martial arts mentioned above are just a few examples.

Borrowings from Japanese in English sometimes describe weather phenomena, like typhoon or tsunami. Karaoke, every night out's highlight, is a Japanese invention too. Emoji and ninja are loanwords as well. They've become so commonplace in our culture today, that we don't even notice them at all!

4​. Similar Languages to Japanese

Once you've learned Japanese online like a pro, don't rest on your laurels just yet! Japanese has evolved from the Austric family of languages, along with many languages from East Asia, Oceania, and Madagascar.

A​ plethora of small, not commonly used languages in Asia is similar to Japanese. However, if you're looking for a widely-spoken language to learn next, then either Chinese or Korean would be a good pick.

Of course, maybe you'd prefer to learn something completely new, not related to Japanese at all? If that's the case, another Asian language - Hindi - is worth considering.

5​. Japanese Cuisine

Japanese foods are based largely upon fish and rice. Japan's cuisine is nowhere near what we're used to. Japanese dishes are often seen as luxurious, but in some places, they're but everyday bread and butter.

We all know and love sushi. With different varieties, those delicacies come in many combinations. Tofu, a common visitor on vegetarian tables, is oftentimes used as an alternative to other high-protein products. You might have heard about ramen, a noodle soup popular in Japan.

The Japanese cuisine is rich in tastes and flavours, waiting for you to be explored!


Learning Japanese entails getting to know the rich culture of Japan: art, tradition, and cuisine. Japan has had a major impact on the global pop culture, setting trends that defined generations.

Moreover, Japanese is the language of highly-successful global businesses. If you're planning to set out for the Land of the Rising Sun, think locally and start learning Japanese.

You can do it from the comfort of your own house with the help of LingoRx's tutors. If you've got any questions, reach out to us and start learning Japanese online today.

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