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Top 5 Reasons to Learn the German Language

Learning the German language is in itself a great exercise for your brain. As reports show, becoming bilingual makes you smarter, improves your memory, and has a major impact on your multitasking skills.

Technology and the internet have changed education. Today, you can learn German online with the help of LingoRx. We give you the opportunity to learn German (and other languages) with our tutors - either in a group or with a private teacher.

Before you decide to learn the German language, here's what you should know:

  1. German is the language of thriving businesses across all Europe

  2. The German culture is rich and beautiful

  3. German has had influences on other languages, including English

What are the top 5 reasons to learn the German language?

German Is the Language of Business

Germany is one of the strongest economies in Europe right now. Its GDP of $3.998 trillion (as of 2018) is higher than that of France or Italy. What is the reason for Germany's strong economy?

I​f you're willing to start a business, the one easy rule to follow is to think globally, act locally. To attract people, wherever you wish to aim your business at, you need to speak their language. Germany's economy is always growing, as big companies choose to settle there. If taking a place among them is your goal, you should learn German to understand the culture and improve your services.

However, Germany is not the only German-speaking country. Other European business behemoths speak German, that is Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. Massive global companies come from these countries. You must have heard about Mercedes-Benz, Swarowski, Red Bull, or Nestlé. Among many others, they stem from international, multicultural German-speaking lands. And if Europe isn't enough for you, more and more African countries like Namibia are open for German speakers.

Rich and Beautiful German Culture

Exploring German culture wouldn't be complete without getting to know some of their traditional food. The famous Apfel Strudel (an apple cake) is a fantastic dessert after Würstchen (sausages) with Kartoffelnsalat (potato salad).

Leaving the city and travelling farther south, you'd inevitably come across Lederhosen, men's knee-length leather pants. Women traditionally wear a folk costume called Dirndl, which is an apron dress.

Yet another reason to study German is the wonderful landscapes of German-speaking countries. In the north, Germany has access to both the Baltic and the North seas. Farther south, Bodensee is a lake at the border of Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. Austria is a worth-while choice because of the Alps - a massive mountain range in the heart of Europe.

German Influences in English

W​hen the Anglo-Saxons took over the British throne, they came along with their language. Here are the most memorable German borrowings in English:

● Eisberg = iceberg

kindergarten = kindergarten or pre-school

Sauerkraut = sauerkraut

Volkswagen = literally "people's car"

What might surprise you, is that all nouns in German are spelt with a capital letter.

German thinkers and creators had a major impact on culture. Philosophers like Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, and Carl Marx questioned what had previously been certain. Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, and Carl Jung changed what we think of the human psyche forever. We also can't forget about Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the most eminent composers of all times.

Family of Languages

All languages in Europe have their roots in Indo-European. Nowadays, modern languages are often similar in structure and vocabulary. Hence, the more languages you know, the easier it becomes to learn a new one - isn't it terrific? Learning German opens the door to Scandinavian languages (including Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish), Afrikaans, and Yiddish - that's a lot to choose from.

German Is the Language of Love... Arguably

Unfortunately, there's a stereotype that German is a harsh language. The reality is totally different. Germany was the cradle of European romanticism - a cultural and literary movement of the spirit, mysticism, and love in the 18th century. The passion with individualism and feelings in art started with Goethe's superb The Sorrows of Young Werther. It inspired poets, painters, and intellectuals for decades.


F​or an English speaker, learning German can open many doors. Business, culture, and literature are waiting for you to explore. An important thing to remember is that Germany is not the only speaking country in the world.

What is more, you can acquire this skill without leaving your home, despite the many misconceptions about online learning.

Learning the German-language online is a great opportunity for you. Our mission is to serve people by inspiring beyond language to connect cultures around the world. Get in touch with us and start learning German today.

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