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Top 5 Reasons to Learn Spanish

In our day and age, the world is a global village and we are all easily connected, whether it’s virtually or face-to-face. Language competence is the only major factor which impedes our communication, and if you learn a language efficiently, you can easily address that issue from the comfort of your own home.

At LingoRx, our mission is to champion the online learning and use of languages, because of the advantages of speaking and understanding a second or third language.

In a nutshell, learning another language;

  1. Makes you considerably more attractive as a candidate for an international job role where competence in languages is a must.

  2. Gives you the opportunity to function effectively in many countries around the world.

  3. Opens doors and makes you more respected and welcomed as a visitor.

Furthermore, a welcome by-product is the knowledge and insight you gain about very different cultures and customs. Having the language means you can live these differences, not simply observe them as a bystander.

Why Spanish?

There are many reasons why learning Spanish is a great use of your time, energy and resources. We’ll highlight just five of them.

1. It’s not as difficult as you might think

Compared with many other languages, Spanish isn’t an especially difficult language to learn and speak. It is part of the family of ‘romance’ languages with foundations in Latin. The grammar and pronunciation differ from English, but they are certainly more consistent! The English language has acquired around a third of its vocabulary from Latin, so once you start learning Spanish, you will immediately recognize and understand a lot of words and expressions.

2. It’s a language with a global reach

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is growing all the time. Spanish is useful for travelling to places like the USA, Spain and South America. This could be for leisure but also for work purpose as an adult. For children, it is a golden chance to open themselves up to an experience of another culture and different ways of doing things.

3. It creates opportunities to engage with Spanish-spoken mass media

With the massive popularity of online streaming services for entertainment, there’s an enormous amount of TV series, films and documentaries which you can engage with to consolidate your learning process and enjoy hearing (and understanding!) the language in a variety of contexts.

4. You don’t just understand the culture, you live it.

Speaking and understanding the language is the key to learning about and immersing yourself in the culture and customs of Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. The cultures of Hispanic countries have a long history and are full of fascinating details and activities. Their national cuisines are fantastic, the music and festivals are vibrant and spontaneous, and the people are friendly and welcoming, especially if, as a foreigner, you can speak their language!

5. A romance language is the language of romance

They don’t call them ‘romance’ languages for nothing. Good Spanish is beautiful to listen to, beautiful to speak and has an ease and elegance of rhythm which lends itself to expressing yourself from the heart!

In recent years, the Spanish press itself has noted how important a foreign language it is considered to be.

LingoRx – around the world, online

For us, the keys to a great online learning experience are motivation and engagement. We use STEM educational principles to provide an experience which is well-rounded and holistic in its approach. Our online Spanish classes are suitable for all ages and abilities, from as early as 4 years old up to those adult students and professionals looking to enhance their profiles and extend their skills.

So, our online Spanish courses will enrich your life, exercise your mind and advance your job opportunities, apart from being very enjoyable! Read our in-depth article on the advantages of online learning. LingoRx allows you to set off on a language learning journey which transports you across continents. All this at a time and place which best suits your needs.

Book a free sample lesson or talk to us for more information.

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