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Top 5 Reasons to Learn Sign Language

From all languages out there, one definitely stands out from the rest. Sign language uses manual messages to deliver the meaning to the interlocutor. With the help of professional private tutors, you can learn sign language online and expand your skill set.

Go beyond the traditional scheme. Instead of German or Japanese, you can add the command of sign language to your portfolio and impress the employers. Why should you learn the sign language?

  1. Your Spelling and Communication Skills Improve

  2. A Whole New Culture Opens Up For You

  3. You Get Smarter

LingoRx gives you the opportunity to learn sign language online. Comprehensive online classes - either in groups or 1-to-1 sessions - will inspire and educate you beyond language.

Types of Sign Language

You’ll find over 135 different types of sign language. In fact, some countries that share a speaking language use diverse sign languages. That’s exactly the case with English.

ASL - American Sign Language

Most of the deaf communities in the US and Canada use ASL - American Sign Language. According to the NIH, ASL has the same properties as any other language, though the grammar differs from English.

The American Sign Language is natural and complete. Estimates show that the ASL can be used by up to 500,000 people.

BSL - British Sign Language

In the UK alone, there are almost 150,000 deaf people. Some of them who use BSL as their primary language. The British Sign Language includes the movements of hands, head, body, and facial expressions.

According to a BSL dictionary, the British Sign Language comprises some 2500 signs.

Apart from the British Sign Language and the American Sign Language, other English-speaking countries have their sign languages ( e.g. Auslan in Australia).

History and Culture of Sign Language

Every sign language is intertwined with its community and has a rich history of its own. The ASL was derived from the French Sign Language, which dates its beginning back to the 1790s.

As some scholars claim, the differences between signs can be compared to differences between words. Some words don’t share but one consonant (e.g. bat, cat, fat, rat), and likewise some signs can be distinguished by a slight movement of the hand.

Language and culture are inseparable. Among many others, the American Deaf Culture values support for deaf children and promote the teaching of ASL in the American education system.

Sign Language Helps You Learn Your Native Language

This is the case with people -, especially children - who are fully or partially deaf. If a child finds it troublesome speaking English from its earliest days because of hearing impairments, learning the sign language increases the possibility of learning to speak English - or other spoken languages.

To learn a language is to give a proper workout to your brain. If a child gets to known ASL or BSL better, they’ll find it easier to speak English in the future.

Learning Sign Language Improves Your Spelling and Communication Skills

As studies have shown, learning the ASL has improved the spelling skills of American school kids. Through grasping a whole new alphabet, they get to perform better at various spelling-related tasks.

Besides, if you learn the sign language online, you’ll get the chance to upgrade your communication skills. Many factors that are connected to language - like expression, body language, or conveying emotions through words - are likely to ameliorate by the process of learning the sign language.

Sign Language Enhances Your Brain

Learning the sign language stimulates your brain just like, for instance, learning Spanish does. Once you become bilingual, the cognitive function of your brain improves.

If you learn the sign language, you might see your focus and memory improve. It will be thus easier to learn other languages, as your brain is already prepared for this intellectual effort.


The sign language - be it ASL, BSL, or any other type - gives you great benefits like every other one. The sign languages are even more interesting, as they use slightly different mediums to convey the message.

In America, the Deaf community has a rich culture and shared values that define the ASL users. The history of the world’s sign languages dates back to the late 18th century and has grown into a multitude of branches ever since.

Other benefits of learning one of the sign languages are improved brain performance and progress in areas like spelling, communication, or memory.

You can start learning the sign language today with the help of professional private tutors from LingoRx. Get in touch with us and learn either BSL or ASL - starting from a level tailored to your abilities and needs.

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