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Top 5 Reasons to Learn Italian Language

This romance language has a seductive appeal, but with over 85 million Italian speakers worldwide, it also has practical benefits. LingoRX offers tailored lessons with experienced Italian tutors ready to help you master what is arguably the world's most expressive language!

  1. Millions travel to Italy every year to discover its rich history, delicious food, and breathtaking nature. Still, you can also use Italian in other countries with Italian speaking populations.

  2. Being bilingual is the smart choice for your personal development, and it improves your employability – more businesses need foreign language speakers. You might also find you become more expressive and confident!

  3. Italian is the language that gave us the concept of la dolce vita (the sweet life), which covers everything from the food we eat to the music we enjoy.

  4. This romance language has a lot of similarities with English because of its Latin roots. Italian is easy to pick up from day one with experienced tutors to guide you.

Five Reasons to Learn Italian

1.Take a trip to Italy and beyond

Italy is on the top of many a bucket list for its unique history, sweeping coastal vistas, and moreish food. With a few Italian phrases, you can connect with the locals and have enriching travel experiences. The biggest issue is that you will want to move there permanently!

Outside of Italy, use your Italian lessons to navigate Switzerland and even Argentina. Italian is the second native language of Argentina and for many Italian Americans in the US.

2. La dolce vita - the language of food and music

For foodies or anyone who enjoys Italian food delights, knowing the language makes reading menus a lot easier! For example, you'll know that farfalle translates to butterflies because of their shape. A tiramisu dessert consists of three words meaning 'pick me up’: it's all the coffee!

If you speak Italian, you will understand the language of classical music. Musical expressions like a cappella (in chapel style), concerto (concert), opera (work) and aria (air) all derive from Italian composers. Knowing the language also gives you new songs and lyrics to enjoy.

3. Italian is an easy language to learn

Italian, for beginners to language learning, is a perfect choice because you can pick it up quickly. It also helps you understand your language better and expand your vocabulary. The phonetic quality of the Italian language means you say it how you see it! Once you have the pronunciation of a few essential sounds, you can start talking from day one. The spelling isn't complicated, and there's a musicality to Italian, which will help with your conversational flow.

4. Italian will boost your career prospects

Italian is spoken in 30 countries around the world, and it's great for business. Italy has the third-largest economy in Europe and export textiles, engineering products, food, drink, and cars to several countries, including the UK, France, Germany, and the US. Italian will also help if you want to work for a company looking to expand into the European market.

Learning a new language looks impressive on your resume, and it's good for the economy! A bilingual candidate is more favourable because there is a lack of foreign language skills in countries like the UK. In short, your Italian language skills will make you stand out and create better career opportunities.

5. Learning Italian will help you become more confident and expressive!

If there is one quality, Italian is well-known for it is expressive and passionate language. The conversation is much more than just the words that we speak; it's also our body language, intonations, and hand gestures. Learning Italian finely tunes your ability to show more self-expression!

Above all, you will feel more confident in every aspect of your life. From ordering a meal in Italian to adding another language to your resume, you will have new-found confidence! It may even be the catalyst to learn another romance language – French is also useful for business and cultural reasons.

Why study Italian?

Have you ever left the room and said ciao? Or have you chosen to eat pizza al fresco? Perhaps you're a fan of the opera? The culture of Italy is a worldwide phenomenon. You don't have to visit Italy to enjoy their food or music, but Italy should be on everyone's travel bucket list. Generally, people will already know a few Italian words, even if it's just ordering a cappuccino, so it's easy to pick up. Your confidence will improve; as you become a little less reserved, it may land you a new job!

How do I learn Italian?

Choosing to learn Italian online is a good start towards mastering the Italian language with an experienced tutor from home. LingoRX allows you to tailor your learning experience with a choice between group sessions or one-on-one online tutoring lessons. The support you receive will also address your specific needs with real-time feedback. Regular assignments and tests will supplement your learning journey at a time that suits you best.

Are you ready to dive in? Get in touch with a message to begin your Italian learning journey.


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