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Top 5 Reasons to Learn French

The beauty of language learning is how much opportunity it affords you, and there are many good reasons to speak French. LingoRx allows you to immerse yourself in the language of culture through online courses, learn French at home with native speakers, and enhance your personal and professional potential!

  1. Choosing to be bi-lingual is smart for business, whether you are a business owner or looking for promotion opportunities. Ultimately, it makes you more employable.

  2. The world will become much more accessible, and it will be easier to learn another foreign language for personal or professional development. Mastering French is crucial as French-speaking countries continue to grow both economically and in population.

  3. Who doesn't enjoy the influence of French culture? It is, after all, the language of the arts and haute cuisine! It will broaden your English vocabulary too, with French being the largest donor of English words.

  4. It also doesn't have to be daunting to tackle a new language with LingoRx's experienced tutors and fresh approach to language education. Half the battle is finding confidence with a teacher you can trust!

Here are the top Five reasons to learn French

French is a dominant international language

French doesn't just apply to France -it's the official language of 29 countries, including many in Africa. Learning French would indeed make frolicking in the fields of Provence or exploring the castles of the Loire valley a lot easier. However, intrepid travellers can still use the French language in Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, Madagascar, and Luxembourg. The value of better communication is priceless!

It makes it easier to learn more languages

French is a gateway to understanding the romance languages of Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. There are a host of similarities in all these languages in their grammar and lexicon. It will also surprise you how much you can learn about the English language by studying French! Within our core vocabulary, around 30% of the words we use derive from French words. It might just give you a sense of déjà vu!

You are instantly more employable

It's a language of growing importance in the world. French does have a level of prestige, and it's the official language of diplomacy. Organizations such as the United Nations use French in their everyday operations, and being a French speaker opens opportunities within a host of global companies. In the US alone, there are 4,600 French companies. Likewise, many American companies operate in French-speaking countries. Being multi-lingual also helps when you have a customer-facing job or work for an international company.

Understand the influence of French culture

What gives you joie de vivre? Is it mouth-watering flaky pastries, a fine-dining experience, or an enjoyable read? Things that we enjoy culturally were cultivated and exported by France. Another added benefit of learning with native French speakers is that it's a nuanced approach to language learning. With an extensive French vocabulary, you will have a deeper understanding of the culture and its worldwide influence.

Learning French is a smart business decision

French-speaking African nations such as the Ivory Coast and Senegal are also fast-growing economies. Rapid urbanization, off-grid energy, big pharma, and manufacturing are stimulating the economy and providing jobs. Alongside other prevalent business languages such as Mandarin and Arabic, it's evident that the French language is essential for those with a globalized business outlook. If you're a small business owner, understanding another language enables you to sell products and services to people from different cultures and non-English speaking backgrounds.

Why study French?

By 2050 it's projected that 750 million people will speak French. Far from dying, the French language is flourishing. French lessons will open the world to you. Studying French enriches your understanding of culture, enhances your career opportunities, and other languages will become easier to learn.

Tailor your learning journey

If you want to learn French online, you need an engaging and safe environment to thrive. LingoRx offers one-on-one online tutoring sessions with native speakers. If you prefer, there is a group session option in a virtual classroom with students from around the world. You will receive real-time feedback, regular assignments, and tests with tailored support – and you can do this all from home at a time that suits you.

Are you ready to start learning French? Get in touch with a message to begin your learning journey.


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