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Stop Procrastinating, Learn A New Language Today

We all struggle with procrastination. It’s as if some lazy demon within us was trying to persuade us how pointless it is to start doing anything. Many of us have ambitious plans to learn a new language.

How to stop procrastinating and start learning a new language online?

Everything is in your head. To stop putting your dreams off, you need to train your mind. If you want to successfully oppose procrastination, you can try:

● Setting bite-sized learning goals for yourself

● Having a growth mindset

● Changing your attitude to learning

The key to stop procrastinating is to hack your mind with a few tricks. You can start learning a new language today and fulfil your true potential. Quit wasting time on social media and rewire your brain to thrive.

LingoRx can help you learn a new language online - from Japanese to sign language. With the help of professional tutors, you can start learning today!

How to stop procrastinating and start learning a new language today?

Set Bite-Sized Learning Goals

Learning a new language may be overwhelming. Faced with the magnitude of vocabulary and grammar rules to learn, it might seem like an insurmountable challenge. How to stay motivated despite these difficulties?

Try dividing all the material into bite-sized goals. Learn rule after rule, word afterword. If you want to learn the Russian language, don’t try to grasp the entirety of Cyrillic at once! By learning the Russian alphabet bit by bit, you’ll feel satisfied after achieving every bite-sized goal and stay motivated - without lazy procrastinating!

Compare Yourself with the Right Person

Humans don’t like to feel stupid. For example, when you start learning Spanish, listening to how fluent Spanish native speakers are might demotivate you. If you feel down, it can make you procrastinate or give up on your dreams altogether.

Don’t compare yourself to who someone else is today. Instead, try comparing yourself to who you’ll be tomorrow. No matter your current skills, think about how much more you’ll know tomorrow. Look up to the future you, and strive to reach your goals.

Have a Growth Mindset

Remember that learning a new language is not only about the language itself. It’s a great exercise for your brain and another skill on your resume.

If you want to keep your mind sharp and stay ahead of the competition, you should have a growth mindset. That’s what this life is about - striving to be better. With every new skill, you’re better than you used to be, and that’s enough to make you keep going.

Procrastinating won’t get you anywhere. Putting off your dreams for the sake of momentary pleasures has no long-term impact on your well-being at all. Quit wasting your time and see yourself grow.

Change Your Attitude to Learning

For some reason, our brains aren’t too good at learning new things. We’re often tempted by the luring light of procrastination. To successfully oppose our laziness, hack your brain into enjoying learning.

Dividing big tasks into bite-sized goals and having a growth mindset will certainly help you fight procrastination. Why do these techniques work?

When faced with a challenge, we intrinsically want to prove ourselves. Treat learning languages as a challenge. If you change your attitude to learning and treat it as such a challenge, procrastination is no longer an option.

Just Do It!

Be honest with yourself. You made up your mind to learn Italian? Then just do it!

No excuses, no procrastination - do what you resolved. Something as trivial as doing what you planned contributes to your well-being. Being true to yourself and sticking to your pre-set agenda makes you more disciplined. Such an attitude will be helpful in other areas of your personal and professional life.


How to stop procrastinating and start learning a new language today? You must hack your brain and have the right growth mindset. Treat learning a new language as a challenge, a new skill in your veneer of abilities.

Dividing overwhelming tasks into bite-sized goals will keep you motivated. To reach for the stars, compare yourself to who you will be tomorrow, not who someone else is today.

Just do it! Grab those books and start learning. Your dreams won’t come true on their own!

Get in touch with LingoRx tutors and start learning a new language today!

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