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5 Reasons Why One Should Learn Arabic

Arabic is one of the world’s most popular languages. LingoRx, offers Arabic lessons from fluent native speakers, explains why learning Arabic language will provide you with a vast array of professional and personal opportunities.

  1. Mastering the Arab dialect will give you a more nuanced understanding of a fascinating, influential culture that is often misunderstood in Western society; It will open the door to a range of highly-paid careers with no tax and plenty of long-term potential;

  2. As one of the fastest-growing global markets, there is a real need for an Arab-speaking professional to liaise with Arab countries;

  3. Learning the Arabic language will enable you to swiftly master a whole host of other dialects, exposing you to further personal and professional opportunities;

  4. You can learn Arabic at a time and place that suits you with LingoRx’s online tutorial sessions, delivered by distinguished linguistic experts.

1. Highly-paid, highly enjoyable jobs

Arab countries are currently offering some of the most exciting, diverse and highly-paid jobs in the world. They are continuing to flourish and expand, so it’s time to learn Arabic and capitalise on this amazing potential.

Currently, the Arab markets are making huge investments in a range of sectors, including construction, finance and tourism. However, in order to achieve these aims, they need to recruit skilled workers – this would be a fantastic chance for you to earn a substantial income (without tax), move to a new country and build a long-term career.

2. Arabic-speaking nations are an increasingly important market for trade

With a GDP of over $600 billion dollars a year, the Arab region has much to offer the world market.

As these Arab countries look to bolster their economies, there’s an amazing opportunity for Arab-speaking professionals to tap into these markets and gain a foothold in business, particularly as Arab countries look to conduct more business with the Western world.

3. Immerse yourself in a beautiful, influential culture

It can’t all be work, work, work – what if your child wants to learn the Arabic language? Or you want to master it for more cultural pursuits?Well, Arabian culture is one of the world’s richest, most fascinating cultures, whose influence has been appreciated across the Western world.

It has spawned classic literature (Aladdin being just one of them), delicious cuisine and gorgeous, high-end fashion.Not only that, but it has often been misrepresented in Western culture, so becoming fluent in Arabic will help you to shed a light on these misunderstandings.

4. Learning Arabic can help you master other languages

The Arabic language is related to a whole host of other languages, including Farsi, Persian, Turkish, Urdu and Hebrew. These languages have their roots in Arabic words and the grammatical constructions are very similar.

Mastering Arabic is not only a great investment for your professional future, but it also grants you flexibility and access to a whole host of other dialects and cultures.

5. Travel will be easier and more exciting

If you’ve got a real case of wanderlust and enjoy discovering new cultures, becoming an Arabic speaker will unearth a wealth of exciting travel opportunities.

As the official language in over 20 countries, you’ll gain access and interact with people in places such as the jaw-dropping beauty of Beirut, the vibrant city of Esfahan and the historic delights of Damascus.

Arab hospitality is famously friendly, and exchanging pleasantries with them in their language will see them very eager to support you.

Arabic lessons at your convenience

So you’ve now learned that mastering Arabic will expose you to a multitude of beautiful countries, a rich and exotic culture, will accelerate your learning of other languages, and provide a plethora of career opportunities.

Now it’s time to begin your learning journey.

LingoRx offers immersive, one-on-one online tutoring sessions with a native speaker. Alternatively, you can learn a virtual classroom surrounded by students from across the globe, all at a time and place that suits you.

Our expert tutors provide real-time feedback, tailored support, and provide regular assignments and tests you help you progress.

Ready to begin learning the Arabic language? Contact us with a message and we will be in touch.

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